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What can Hardbody Fitness Boot Camp do for YOU?

Athlete/ Runner:  Improve your cardiovascular fitness
           Increase your strength and power
    Reduce your chance of injury
    Strengthen your core 

Average Person:  Lower your body fat percentage
     Strengthen your immune system
     Increase your metabolism for more energy
     Reduce stress

Over 50:  Increase bone mass lowering risk of osteoporosis
Increase strength to perform daily task independently
Alleviate arthritis symptoms

     Raise your stamina

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Hardbody Fitness Boot Camps(Cross Training) are based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  HIIT involves a 2 to 3 minute high intensity work cycle followed by 30 seconds to 1 minute rest cycle. Because the workouts are intensity based it's perfect for everyone from beginner to the most advanced athlete.

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1/30/16 - 8:30am
Hardbody Fitness
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    Hardbody Fitness Body Transformation Challenge
    It's like getting paid to look good

    Top Performers for January
    1st Vanessa   $100 Gift Card

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    3rd  Sean G.   $40 Gift Card

    Hardbody Fitness
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    Refer a friend to come in for a FREE  trial session of Hardbody Fitness Boot Camp or Personal Training and earn a $20 gift card when they sign up*
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    *client must sign up for at least 1 month of boot camp or 6 sessions of personal training.
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